Compost toilets – A beautiful place to poo!

Compost toilets, a beautiful solution

The team at Invisible Studio architecture firm, show the world how to take the smallest room in the house… out of the house with this gorgeous long drop compost loo.

This compost loo looks to utilise a wheely bin as the storage chamber. Once it’s full it can be wheeled out of the way to breakdown and a new bin inserted.


Original story found on treehugger

Thatching Apprenticeship

13245306_246318335735604_7593184470372830036_nMy good friend and master thatcher Alan Jones is seeking a new apprentice.

Alan Jones Master Thatcher requires an apprentice!
Alan Jones is calling on anyone interested in this rare opportunity to learn the artof Thatching to contact him by email
The successful applicant would work alongside Alan, who will share over 30 years worth of knowledge and experience, and Dafydd, who followed an apprenticeship with Alan and is now fully qualified.
If you are interested, please contact Alan by email stating why you are interested and providing brief details on your background and knowledge of heritage buildings.
To find out more please visit Alan’s website and Facebook page.