balesinwales masterplan

The load bearing straw bale will be finished externally with lime render and chestnut shakes and roofed with a sedum green roof. Internally it will be plastered using the clay dug on site, and has a composting toilet, greywater treatment and solar hot water heater.

What sets this project apart is the unique way in which we are building it. I will be joined by a group of interns who will be building the cabin from start to finish. They are exchanging their labour and energy for a unique education in straw bale building. They will learn the theory and gain hands on experience of every step of the build, from foundations all the way to finishing touches.

This project is a pilot for my new company Hartwyn, who will offer this style of natural building from 2017.

Please follow along with the build progress on the #BalesInWales page.