I just stumbled across ‘dirt between lightbulbs’ – a couple of guys traveling across the states making short films about sustainable living and natural building. It’s a shame I didn’t find them earlier as they could have stopped by while they were in Moab, Utah!

“Our mission is to meet interesting luminaries – those visionaries who lead the way in sustainable living, who have etched out a way of life that brings joy to their soul. We hope to meet wise men and women who live sustainably in houses made from affordable materials – such as mud, straw, earth bags, old tyres and retired shipping containers.

Some homes will be rectangular, some geodesic, and others might resemble a bee hive – but they all have something to teach us about how we can live with nature. They might generate their own electricity, capture their own water, and/or grow their own food supply – but they will most definitely have interesting stories and philosophies to share.”
They recorded this interesting interview with Ianto Evans from Cob Cottage Company.



Ianto cob cottages from dirtbetweenlightbulbs on Vimeo.

It looks like they will be bringing new videos from their travels soon, so check out the website: