Collaborative project with Jim Harding
Location: Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, OR
Date: November 2011

Working with the great carpenter, Jim, we made this sunshine door to go on the playhouse.

The door is mortise and tenon cedar around a piece of ply.
To create the pattern and finish surface we used cedar from an old wooden hot tub (giant wooden barrel).
After squaring up all the pieces, we ripped them in half, giving us a weathered side and a fresh cut side to create the sunshine rays.

Mortise and tenon cedar around ply

cedar hot tub pieces before ripping
The cedar hot tub pieces before being ripped in half
used cedar wood grain pattern
Cedar patten for lower half of door
door gap shown
The final stage before nailing the cedar down was to cut each piece down by an 8th of an inch to give a decorative border
finished door
The finished door. The glass came from an old broken window