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Dovecote at Dumfries House – Prince’s Foundation

This dovecote, or doocot as it is know in Scotland, was built by myself and the other building craft apprentices from The Prince’s Foundation.

The project was built in 10 weeks and is constructed mostly from reclaimed stone from the local area. The remainder of the stone was purchased from a quarry close to Glasgow. The mortar used is traditional lime.

Community Rebuilds Straw Bale Homes

Projects led by: Eric Plourde & Doug Nichols of Community Rebuilds Location: Moab, UT Date: August – December 2012 & 2013 Community Rebuilds is a non-profit, building straw bale houses for low income families in Moab, Utah. The house cost is kept low because all the labour is provided by volunteers who are trading their time [...]

Tiny Home Dome

Project led by: Jeffrey! Location: Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, OR Date: September 2011 – April 2012   Reclaimed timber ceiling feature, surrounded by earthen plaster     The project began with an idea: by reducing the size of a house, we actually increase the space we live in. Having a smaller home forces us outside and into [...]


Project led by: Jeffrey Location: Moab, Utah Date: November 2013 Tadelakt is a centuries old, Moroccan lime plastering technique. It creates a smooth, polished, waterproof finish. Lime plaster is applied and troweled smooth, before being polished with smooth river stones. Olive oil soap is applied and a chemical reaction gives the lime a waxy, waterproof [...]

Earthen Floors

Earthen floors are a mix of sand, clay and fibre. They can be poured wet, or dry packed and can be finished smooth or with texture. Once treated with linseed oil (or similar) they are waterproof and can be mopped. Pigment can be added to the finish coat if desired. Installing an earthen floor in [...]

Earthen Oven

Project led by: Jeffrey! Location: Pete’s Castle, Dunster, BC Date: June 2012 This 22″ cob oven was built over a few weeks. Everything except the firebrick and stove pipe were collected from within 5 minutes of the house. (And both of those were reclaimed) The foundation is constructed from dry stacked rocks, sitting on top [...]

The Playhouse

Project led by: Chris Foraker Location: Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, OR Date: August 2011 – July 2012 This project was the main build in Aprovecho’s ‘Sustainable Shelter Series’. The playhouse is 150 square feet, small enough to avoid costly permits in Oregon. It features a variety of different natural building materials and techniques to both educate [...]

Sunshine Door

Collaborative project with Jim Harding Location: Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, OR Date: November 2011 Working with the great carpenter, Jim, we made this sunshine door to go on the playhouse. The door is mortise and tenon cedar around a piece of ply. To create the pattern and finish surface we used cedar from an old wooden [...]

Earthen Yurt

Project led by: Kiko Denzer Location: Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, OR Date: August 2012 This earthen yurt was built as part of the ‘sustainable shelter series’ at Aprovecho. The yurt is made from site harvested bamboo, lashed together using recycled bailers twine. It features a reciprocal roof, meaning that every beam is supported by all the [...]

Other projects I have built

Periodically I do other work (sadly playing in the mud doesn’t entirely pay the bills… yet). Here is a collection of random undertakings that you may be interested in!   Kopparberg Urban Forest Working for NPBDesigns in the spring/summer of 2014. This ambitious timber frame project was created offsite and assembled in a car park [...]