The Playhouse

Project led by: Chris Foraker
Location: Aprovecho, Cottage Grove, OR
Date: August 2011 – July 2012

This project was the main build in Aprovecho’s ‘Sustainable Shelter Series’.
The playhouse is 150 square feet, small enough to avoid costly permits in Oregon. It features a variety of different natural building materials and techniques to both educate and be a model of what is possible.

I had the pleasure of working on this structure for the best part of a year. Spending time at Aprovecho is always a joy, being surrounded by so many varied but inspired people.

The structure, stove, most walls and base floor pour of this build were completed on the seven week Shelter Series. Subsequent plastering and finishing were completed over the fall & spring practicum and times in between where I was work trading.

The upstairs loft – You can see the split tone alised walls. Gonzo create the ultimate plaster mix for the final coat, leaving the smoothest earthen walls I have ever touched.

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