Framing Internal walls using pallets

Last week we were framing the internal walls on our straw bale house. I wanted to create a wall from pallets.
I have documented quite a lot on this site the wonderous things you can do with reclaimed pallets, so it was time to get my hands dirty and work with them myself.

To begin, we drove to the local transfer station and raided their pallet pile.
Now, in my mind, I was picturing neatly stacked pallets awaiting me to pick them up. In reality, it was a huge burn pile with few full pallets to be seen.
After a few laps of the pile, we had collected some good whole pallets, some good half pallets, and some that were the wrong dimensions, but had good slats to plunder later.

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Using drywall offcuts with earthen plaster

How to drywall sheet your walls for free? (and save drywall from the dump)

When commercial drywallers fit up a house, there are often offcuts from their work which don’t meet the next stud. So they are cut off, discarded and ultimately sent to the dump. These pieces are the height of a sheet (4ft).

We have been collecting those offcuts from commercial drywall jobs. They are happy to give them to us, as it’s saving them the fees to take them away. Continue reading