Tiny Apartment Tour

I love this little segment from the awesome movie ‘We The Tiny House People: Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Shelters’

Such clever uses of space and intelligent thinking.

I love the bookcase hiding the bed, the bathtub is inspired, clever storage and the double use of bathroom/shower is genius.


Shipping Container Home, flipped!

This isn’t you average shipping container home, it’s a pretty ingenious use of space as it’s flipped onto the short end!

From Treehugger:

The real importance of the shipping container isn’t the fact that it is a box; it is that it is part of a larger system of handling and transport. One can move them anywhere with standardized equipment. Professor Han Slawik builds his Homeboxes out of wood, within the internationally recognized standards of an ISO shipping container. The Professor writes:

Worldwide are almost steel containers in use. But wear, repair and maintenance of steel materials are more costly (in term of purchasing costs, welding, etc.) than for wooden materials. Wooden constructions can be repaired cheaper and easier. Variation and adjustment to changing necessaries and conditions are easier and cheaper with wooden containers. Live in wooden homes is healthier and more comfortable as in a home made of steel and wood is an environment-friendly material.

Tiny Home – Weekly Round Up

I spend a lot of my time reading various tiny home blogs & articles. I’m absolutely loving the growth of this movement, it seems to me that it combats many of the problems that our generations are facing… all in one go.Debt, overcrowding, being more connected to the outside, obsession with material possessions to name but a few.

I would love to see a bit more ‘natural building’ featured in these designs. The environmental impact of building with less unsustainable building materials is great, however there is still an energy debt created.

Each week I shall be doing a quick round up of the most interesting articles I have read.. so without further babble…


10 Tips for Potential Tiny House Dwellers!

The tiny life provides us with a useful 10 point list on how to prepare for tiny living, I particularly like:

“2. Identify your needs. What are your specific requirements for a good life? Do you love to entertain? If so plan your kitchen and living space accordingly. Do you work from home? Make sure to create an appropriate office space. For us, good life means good food! We love to cook so we made sure La Casita had a kitchen that could accommodate our need to make delicious meals!”

I really dislike unused spaces in houses, and when people are designing or buying the ‘we might someday like to have dinner parties/work from home/take up art’ mentality that leads to designing in so many spaces that will probably be never used.

Ella’s – Little yellow door

Ella has been building a tiny home, it’s done.. and it’s beautiful!
She just completed moving her house to San Francisco and a tiny open house tour on the way… being as I missed it, I just had to be happy with the tiny online tour. Great work Ella!

Tiny House Magazine

Kent over at Tiny House Blog has announced he’s producing the tiny house magazine.

“The Tiny House Magazine is an unique experience that takes advantage of the iPad’s interactive capabilities. Because it is connected to the internet it can take advantage of videos and other interactive web related formats. By simply clicking a play button you can view a video right within the magazine. It’s a whole new reading experience has the the ability to link to other websites and blogs!”

Even better news is that he is giving away the first 6 editions, free!

Head to:  http://bit.ly/TinyHouseMagazine

  1. Click on Yellow Subscribe Button
  2. Popup comes up
  3. Click on Current Subscribers
  4. Enter Code THM6


Mortgage-free Small Octagon House with Add-ons

This post over at tinyhousetalk fills me with joy, a beautiful mortgage free home made from reclaimed materials.

“We built this small octagon house in 1979 with mostly found/recycled materials that we pulled through the woods on a little path on a reinforced garden cart so we did it with no mortgage.

Later on, we got a little crazy with the add-ons as you’ll see.

And the sauna is near a river. While there are only 2 acres, it’s in the middle of the Green Mountain National Forest.

I raised 4 children with no running water here. I chose voluntary simplicity (mostly voluntary).

Oh, and one more, I built a tent platform then garden shed recently and my daughter made another studio with it.”

The final statement fills me with hope… (except the teeth bit)

“I’m 64 now and have never earned more than $10,000 a year. And except for lack of dentistry am joyful.”


Space saving library

Once my traveling days are done and build myself a house, the library will be the central room.

Living out of a backpack has meant that I am starved of books, any that I love are passed on.
I crave having a library, it’s almost enough to bring me back to the real world!

Combining a library with a tiny house will be a great challenge, so finding images like this fill me with joy.

tiny library space saving