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pallet earthen house

pallet earthen house

I recently received an email from Pete regarding his project ‘The B Home’.

The honeycomb structure is being constructed from pallet wood, wattled with bamboo and then daubed.

“The hexagon design provides more enclosed spaces in a smaller area using less materials and energy. Each unit provides a safe, comfortable and private space for individuals to sleep and store basic belongings. Together, the units form a strong, interconnected structure where utilities are efficiently shared.”

Full info can be found here

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[...] I am writing a blog for the strawbale house build I am taking part in for Community Rebuilds. A group of 9 volunteers have come to the Utah desert to build a sustainable house for a low income family, while learning the process, design and building code sacrifices that must be made. You can see the whole blog and website here. [...]

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