High performance buildings, from low technology materials. Homes that are healthy, to the occupant and to the environment ,both in construction and in use.

What is Natural Building?

Natural building means building homes or buildings using primarily natural, unprocessed, materials. Using clay dug from the site to build walls, or plaster the building. Locally sourced materials that have a low impact on the environment and will last a long time. All the while creating high performance buildings that won’t be expensive to heat and maintain.

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Hobbit Hideaways
Craft, Heritage, New build, Plastering, Timber frame, Workshop
Scottish Roundhouse
Craft, Workshop
Green Woodworking
Applying Limewash to Obrestad Lighthouse
New build, Plastering, Timber frame, Workshop
Straw bale home – Ty Twt
Heritage cob repair of 1700s barn

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