How about this for an innovative roofing design?

This project at Deen City Farm features a roof made from plastic bottles.

The rest of the structure is cob, with a fantastic use of reclaimed ‘for sale’ signs for the door.

“The project was orchestrated by William Waterhouse and Louisa Loakes. They wanted to involve the community in a project illustrating cob building techniques. Cob is an ancient building material made up of clay, sand, straw, water and earth. The base of fizzy bottle roof project was made of cob and the support timbers and door utilized used for sale realtor signs.”

To get the bottles flat, a 2 ton road roller was used. I’m not sure why, but this pleases me far too much!

“The fizzy bottle roof was a fun project involving the community and won recognition with a Guardian Green Building Award from The Guardian Sustainable Business Awards. We particularly like the for sale sign posts that were used for support timbers and the door. They add a lovely colourful touch to this cheerful community upcycling project.”

The total materials used in this project:

7000 plastic bottles, 60 for sale sign posts, 5 old building site hoarding sheets, 2 old scaffold planks and 350 metres of plastic water piping.

It’s a fantastic use of community power and reclaiming materials from the waste stream. Here it is plastered and finished.