A great set of sketch-up drawings for a 14×14 A-frame cabin. It falls under 200 square feet, so is technically a shed in most code books (meaning you can build it without a permit).


I have been up in Canada for the winter, so have been seeing a lot of A-frame designs. I’m in love with the simplicity of the design. it is strong enough to withstand lots of snow fall, yet it doesn’t use much material.
Ben Law’s Woodland house builds from a central A frame in the most beautiful way.


Check out the useful video walk through:


I really like that thought has been put into effective use of dimensioned lumber sizes. Meaning very few off cuts.

One point of note, is that he mentions that the dead air space that is created by adding in the knee wall will help insulation. It won’t. The air space is big enough that you will get convection, which will actually transfer heat quicker.

Full details and plans are available here|:http://www.simplesolarhomesteading.com/aframecabin.htm