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Claire O’Neill is a director at ‘A Greener Festival’ a not-for-profit company, committed to helping events, festivals and venues around the world to become more sustainable and to reduce environmental impacts. As pioneers in event sustainability since the first research in 2005, AGF provide certification, training, expertise, and facilitate the exchange of best practice.

A Greener Festival Award was set up in 2007 and since assessed nearly 500 events across 5 continents, from 500 to 200,000 daily capacity. AGF provide the first and only sustainable event certification which includes on site assessment and independent verification. Through self assessment, site visit assessment and post event analysis across 11 categories, we provide thorough and useful analysis, insight and credentials for your events sustainability actions.

We talk about:

  • The work that A Greener Festival do
  • The great plastic cup debate
  • Using waste food to feed festival goers
  • Claire’s favourite subject… human waste!
  • Festival innovations and how they help in disaster relief and town planning
  • The Best UK festival for sustainability
  • The future of touring bands, post Covid 19

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