the crew!

Teaching natural building week @ Aprovecho

I just finished teaching ‘Natural Building Week’ for this Spring’s ‘Sustainable Living Skills’ program @ Aprovecho.

I had such a blast, teaching light straw clay, earthen plaster and cob.

Thanks to everyone who came and learned, everyone was so into the building it was such a joy!

Light Straw Clay

We mixed up straw and clay slip, then tamped the mix into forms. This creates a strong insulative wall system, that once dry, can be plastered without any preparation.

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Starting the fire

Earthen Oven

Project led by: Jeffrey!
Location: Pete’s Castle, Dunster, BC
Date: June 2012

This 22″ cob oven was built over a few weeks.
Everything except the firebrick and stove pipe were collected from within 5 minutes of the house. (And both of those were reclaimed)

The foundation is constructed from dry stacked rocks, sitting on top of that is a cob/rock layer to bring the oven upto a comfortable working height for Pete.
After a layer of insulation, there is the fire brick oven floor.

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