mud bricks dryingClayfest 2017, 12-17th June, Lincoln Castle, Lincoln, UK

EBUKI have just announced this years’ Clayfest and conference. This year to be held in Lincoln, home of the ‘mud and stud’ building technique.

Workshops at Clayfest

The workshops cover a broad range of topics taught by the experts in their fields, topics including:

  • Light-Earth Construction; Clay and Natural Fibre Composites
  • Earth, earth-lime and hot mixed lime mortars
  • The Steppe Oven: Food Without Wood
  • Earth and Fibre: Experiments with Forms and Finishes
  • Mud and Stud
  • Cob Workshop, Basics to Mobius Strip 
  • Earth Plasters, Decoration, Colour and Textures..


Earth Building UK & Ireland Conference 2017

Conference this year continues with the theme of Clayfest, building bridges. How do we respect tradition, learn from tradition, teach tradition, adapt tradition to bring a new generation of builders, designers, developers and clients to a better understanding and respect for materials which have almost perfect credentials in the circular economy, cradle to cradle materials which can be used and re-used almost indefinitely. Earth as a material has powerful properties and yet what people too often think of are it’s weaknesses. Other building materials also have weaknesses but have been more successful in projecting their strengths, what can we learn from this and how do we project that knowledge and understanding? Hearing from speakers working in and out of the earth building world we will plot a course to better understanding, better networks, building bridges to better building.


It’s sure to be a great week, hopefully I’ll see you there!

Click here for full details on workshops, tutors and the conference