Such a great podcast available over at abundant edge. A great range of permaculture-based interviews – go check them out.

“My guest today is Gabriel Franklin, master plasterer and the owner of the company “The Art of Plaster.” Gabriel grew up with a father who was a designer and builder who shared much of his trade with him from a young age. From the age of thirteen, Gabriel started on his dad’s bucket and cleanup crew and has been working in plastering and finish work ever since. As an artist and nature enthusiast he has traveled all over the American northeast and even as far as Australia with his trade and dedication to giving blank walls a voice with clay, lime, and gypsum plasters, saying he is inspired by artistic design and how natural materials can accentuate one’s personal experience within a living space.

In this interview Gabriel explains the difference in performance and characteristics of clay, lime and gypsum. He goes into detail about the importance of prep work and the variety of additives he uses to get specific finish effects and ad strength to his mixes. We even talk about some tricks of the trade and much more.”