I talk with Paul Allen from the Centre for Alternative Technology about how Britain can get to Net Zero carbon using only existing technologies.

Incorporating work from the last 12 years of Zero Carbon Britain research and the latest scientific and technological developments, the report presents a technically feasible scenario showcasing a future Zero Carbon Britain using only proven technology.

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Link: Executive summary of Zero Carbon Britain: Rising to the climate emergency

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Zero Carbon Britain: Rising to the Climate Emergency explores how we can do what we know is necessary, clearly demonstrating that we already have all the technologies we need to achieve net zero. By making changes to our buildings, transport systems, land use and behaviour, and by investing in a variety of renewable energy technologies, we can achieve a zero carbon transition while building in a wide range of additional benefits. The report provides a blueprint to open new conversations around the scale and speed of change we need to deliver if we are to rise to the climate emergency. It can be used as a template to help citizens and local and national policymakers develop and deliver zero carbon action plans. By using energy more efficiently we can power down demand by 60%.


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