New Winter 2019/20 Dates

Come and spend a day with me learning to carve a beautiful and functional wooden spoon.

We’ll go through everything you need to know to transform a green wood branch into a spoon.

Techniques learned include

  • Wood selection
  • Axing out a spoon blank
  • Safe and efficient knife grips
  • Hollowing the bowl
  • Finishing oils
  • Tool buying advice

Best of all, you’ll come away with all this knowledge and a spoon of your very own.


Looking to give this workshop as a gift? Head over to the shop for a spoon carving voucher

Jeffrey made sure that everyone knew the safest and most effective types of cut for each section of the spoon, making an otherwise potentially dangerous pursuit (the knives are really really sharp!) very safe and very satisfying. His approach is warm and encouraging, and the atmosphere he created was relaxed, fun and attentive. The whole process feels beautifully cathartic and calming, the more you work with the wood the more you understand it and how it will react to various types of cuts and techniques, and with so much depth to the craft I found it fascinating, and pretty addictive! At the end of the session, I ended up with a spoon of my own that I was proud of, and a new hobby/slight obsession. Mike – 2018 Spoon workshop participant